Be happy and be mindful

Last night I started going down a spiral of negative thoughts. I was really putting myself down as I was writing Had Wine, Bread And Avocado. Oops! because of a text conversation I had with my Dad along with not being able to stick to my diet which led me to not feel good. You’ll notice in that post I go off on a tangent and at the end I’m able to remind myself of the importance of mindfulness. As I was writing, I began to self-reflect out loud (so to speak) about various things I was grateful for in that moment.

So I wanted to share an update. When I woke up this morning, I was in a great mood. Had I not done this self-reflection before going to sleep, I know I would have been in a bad headspace today given the spiral of negative thoughts I was having. Shortly after getting out of bed, the pups and I went for a long walk, spent some time talking with my neighbors, grabbed Starbucks, and now we’re watching the news.

I’ve needed to clean my apartment all week and it’s been hard to get motivated (it really needs to get done today though). This lack of motivation is all part of the anxiety and depression but since I woke up happy, I know once I put some music on that I’ll get in the mood to clean and it won’t be a big deal. Sometimes it’s hard to pull yourself out of these low moments but, I have to admit, writing about what I’m going through has really helped a lot. It’s a great feeling to put your thoughts down and be able to share what’s going on in my world to either help others open up about their experiences or to learn what it’s like to live with chronic illnesses.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you’re able to benefit from it! Would love to hear other people’s stories, too. 🙂

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