Had wine, bread and avocado. Oops!

I have to preface that I already told myself and others that I was going to baby step into a low-FODMAP diet until after I see the dietitian and until then, I would allow myself the occasional cheat. That being said, I met my best friend for dinner tonight and drank wine, ate avocado toast, and a BLT with fries. Oh! And I had a few bites of her mac n cheese (because mac n cheese is literally my favorite). Almost immediately after my first few sips of wine, I could feel my stomach begin to turn. An avocado toast I used to eat regularly (sometimes 2 orders in 1 sitting), I was barely able to stomach half and the BLT, only a few bites.

It’s only been a few days of low-FODMAP and my body is already rejecting some of the high-FODMAP foods I love. The photos I took the other day were a big deterrent from eating certain gluten ingredients but this immediate reaction is even more motivation to become strict. Now I’m nervous I’m going to have stomach problems this weekend when a guy I met at the music festival last weekend is coming to visit. It would really suck to have issues while he’s here. This is stressing me out and I know that’s only going to make my stomach worse.

Having multiple health issues really sucks. Especially when one of them is mental health because it’s nothing anyone can see and it’s hard to get control once the downward spiral begins. I’ve been doing a lot of work around mindfulness; remembering to consciously be grateful for the positive things around me. Tonight, I’m reflecting on how grateful I am to have such great friends in my life where I get to have amazing experiences, I love my job and what I’ve chosen to pursue my career in, I work with great people that are hard working at a company with a great culture, and I live in an adorable apartment with an amazing community.

This is one of the most important things I’ve learned since early in my journey to good health. Be appreciative of the life you have, no matter how small. Often (for me) it’s a great view, beautiful sunset or even a simple smile and “Hello!” from a stranger when I’m in a low. Giving compliments and telling people you’re grateful for them or what they do can also be very healing.

You control the energy you put out into the world and that determines the energy you receive.  Be happy and be mindful.

P.S. Sorry for the tangent at the end, I needed to get my mind out of the spiral and reground myself in preparation for tomorrow. 🙂

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