You’re not alone

Since beginning my blog, it’s overwhelming the amount of support I’ve received and the number of people that have reached out to me to share their story. I’ve always known there were others facing difficult health issues while balancing a career and life so I wanted to write a short post to remind others:

You are not alone

Life throws so many obstacles at you, not to mention the unspoken pressures from society to behave a certain way or reach certain milestones. You’d be surprised how many people are facing the same issues or needing to make similar decisions as you are. It’s hard to know what the right choice is sometimes. Are you making the best decision because of what you want? Or because that’s what’s expected? There is no wrong decision and you can always change course after but being able to take a step back and reflect that you are not alone, makes the decision making a lot easier.

Sharing your story helps a lot too. It allows people to provide better feedback when you ask for advice and being open allows for you to make the right decision for you. Something I’ve always prided myself on is being able to listen. I love hearing what’s going on in people’s head and help them work through any problems they’re facing. It brings me joy to help make people happy by doing the right thing for them.

If you’re reading this and you need someone to listen, I’m here for you. Even if I don’t know you, I’m here.

You are not alone and no one should have to go through this journey without someone to talk to.

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