What impact do you have?

Thursday night I had the pleasure of attending a Glow Effect event, GiveGrowthOC. If I hadn’t been invited by one of the featured leaders, I probably wouldn’t have gone but I am SO glad I did. It was unlike any networking or personal/career development event I’ve ever been to. Not only was the format different, the focus of the event was too. Instead of discussing various skills needed to be a leader, stories of reaching the top, etc., we discussed impact.

What impact do you have? Is it positive or negative?

When you take a moment to really think about this, it’s interesting what you may come up with. Your response to this will depend on your outlook, perspective, and where you are in life. The conversation was extremely fitting for where I am in the process of self-reflection and re-finding myself.

The impact you have on others or the world can be large and/or small. The most important thing to having an impact is to be authentic. You don’t know the level your actions, or non-actions, will have on another person which puts a lot of responsibility on you to always strive to make your impact a positive one. In order to be authentic and strive to always have a positive impact, you must be able to prioritize yourself and have self-love. One step to doing this is to stay in a state of impact inquiry. Not only about the impact you’re having on others but: what impact are others having on you? Is it positive or negative?

Surround yourself with people that have a positive impact on your life and you will go places you never expected.

I met so many amazing women last night who let themselves be vulnerable by sharing stories of defeat, struggle, and hardship. There was so much commonality in these stories and it’s important for everyone to remember that it’s these difficult times that shape who you are. Everything happens for a reason and as long as you stay focused on doing what’s good for you, these difficult times will turn into positive teaching moments that change the impact you have on the world. These difficult moments are what bring You closer to You; they’re what remind us what excites, motivates, and genuinely make us happy.

I challenge everyone reading this to focus on making a positive impact on someone today. It can be as simple as smiling at or complimenting a stranger.

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